Gallery: Jubilant’s 21st birthday

The Jubilant Trust celebrated its 21st birthday on Saturday with Royal Shallop Jubilant leading a 15-strong flotilla down the River Thames from Isleworth to Greenwich’s Royal Observatory carrying an “atomic” clock, which ticks more than 400 million million times a second.

Here’s a selection of photos from the event:

The Strontium ion clock is loaded aboard Jubilant at Isleworth.

The flotilla had assembled by the London Apprentice Pub which provided bacon sandwiches and coffee to fortify the rowers. The money collected was given to Macmillan Nurses by the landlady Magda.

Rowing past Chiswick Pier, without the full strength of the ebb she was about 15 minutes behind the clock at this stage.

MVS Blue Light intercepts the clock by the OXO Tower. Jubilant continues on to the National Maritime Museum. We had made up time and arrived at the rendez vous point on time. A Port of London Authority (PLA) Harbour Master Launch now took over the lead from London Port Health Authority (LPHA) cutter Londinium III.

The flotilla approaches Tower Bridge passing the Shard and the London City Hall.

Jubilant leads the flotilla past the London City Hall

Jubilant passes Masthouse Terrace Pier on the Isle of Dogs. We were now 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Royal Shallop Jubilant making progress.

The Strontium ion clock is carried by Jubilant‘s rowers to the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

The Strontium ion clock which will be on display at the Royal Observatory Greenwich soon.

Photos courtesy of the Jubilant Trust, the Port of London Authority (PLA), and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

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