Busy summer for Jubilant

Jubilant has had a busy summer with events for Sutton District, Hampton Court and the Beaver Scouts/Cubs.

Sutton District scouts and guides hosted an international event PAGGS, which is scouting twin towns across Europe. The camp was being held at Heyswood Campsite between 26th July and 4th August and had a Tudor theme.

On Thursday 28th July after a trip to Hampton Court they were ferried in small groups via minibus from Hampton Court to Richmond to row on Jubilant and Watermen’s Company Shallop The Lady Mayoress all in keeping with the theme.

Matt Brice (one of the organisers) said: “I have rowed on Jubilant with Sutton Scout Network a few times myself and think it would be a highlight of our camp.”

There were 207 scouts and guides and 71 leaders, from Denmark, Holland, Czech Republic and Scotland. The young people varied between scout and explorer age and were split into four subcamps according to age during the camp, for example, 10-12-year-olds, 12-13-year-olds, 14-15-year-olds, 16-17-year-olds.

The 14th Richmond also held their annual Water Weekend based at Thames Young Mariners and Jubilant was again pressed into service to give them a rowing experience unlike any other in our beautiful craft.

Meanwhile, in June, we supported the Beaver Scouts/Cubs. The boat manager reported “Lovely day for a change (river running faster than normal due to rain… jumped from 45cum/s on Thursday to 75 on Friday & Sat at Kingston bridge) Anyway great with a happy crew of 13 Beaver Scouts/Cubs and accompanying adults. Jubilant left on the pontoon, as some artists painting her/river. Mark will put her away.”

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